Adv Of Code 2021

Advent of Code ( is an advent calendar for coding put out yearly (since 2015 until ?) by Eric Wastl. He has it set up as a competition, with 25 coding problems in two parts each, starting the first of December, but leaves his calendars posted for anyone who wishes to work on them at their leisure. The problems are presented in a narrative format and generally, increase in difficulty throughout the month. For each day, a problem is presented, along with a dataset, for which the solution is a single numeric value. When you submit the correct solution for the first part, you are presented with a second variant of the problem for the same dataset. Each time you submit a solution, you receive immediate feedback as to whether or not your answer is correct.

If you find this interesting and would like to join the fun, with whatever coding language or computational system you like, at your leisure, doing whatever problems you find interesting, and would like to make your solutions available here along with detailed explanations of how they work for those who do not know your language, let me know. I can set up a page for you here and post your solutions, or link to a site where you post your own solutions.

I, for one, would be interested in seeing how others approach the problems, and how different languages inform the approach.

Nathan     (Javascript)

Pete     (Visual Basic in Excel)

Tim     (DataQube)



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